Team Votes(#175)

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175legacyRename Nex to "Vortex" (see also where I lay out some other parts to the idea)SamualPASSED3:2(4 abstained, 12 didn't vote)
User Decision Comment
divVerentABSTAINNot convinced the name is good. OTOH it's not like Nex is much better.
ArcherNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
bitbombNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
CuBe0wLNOI like the idea of the vortex particle effect, however, imho we should honor our roots with keeping the name. Irrc there was a poll previously on the forum, to rename the Nex to Xon, and the community decided to keep the name.
detrateNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
FruitieXNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
GATTSNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
IDWMasterNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
JH0nnyNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
kuniuNOwhat CB said
s1lenceNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
SamualYESThe weapon is taking a new direction in appearance too after the new ammo system, as it will be a plasma weapon (sharing plasma ammo with Crylink) -- death message could be something like: Player X was zapped by Player Y's plasma Vortex
sevNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
SoelenNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
SydesNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)
theShadowNONE(auto-abstain due to inactivity)