Balance Council

ID Category Title Creator Status Result
19balanceDirect push force applied by weapons to entities (other than the shooter) toward bbox centre instead of camera position, ie change default to g_player_damageplayercenter 1. Subtle change, makes combat feel less "floaty" and more consistent with expectations, increases dodging ability of average players.bones_was_herePASSED14:0(0 abstained, 12 didn't vote)
18balanceKeep secondary/offhand blaster default settings (including vaporizer, ok*) the same as vanilla blaster defaultsbones_was_herePASSED13:0(1 abstained, 12 didn't vote)
17membershipInvite Dodger to join balance councilSPLATPASSED8:0(0 abstained, 12 didn't vote)
16membershipInvite Ferreus to join the balance councilSpike29PASSED6:0(1 abstained, 13 didn't vote)
15membershipInvite SilenceKiller to join the balance councilSpike29PASSED5:0(3 abstained, 12 didn't vote)
14membershipInvite Hotdog to join the balance councilSpike29PASSED6:0(2 abstained, 12 didn't vote)
13membershipInvite CARNAG3 to join the balance councilbones_was_herePASSED4:0(4 abstained, 12 didn't vote)
12membershipInvite Turkey_shoot to join the balance councilbones_was_herePASSED7:0(2 abstained, 11 didn't vote)
11membershipInvite rly (Rolley) to join the balance councilbones_was_herePASSED5:0(4 abstained, 10 didn't vote)
10membershipInvite pcl (PC Lizard) to the balance council.SilentPASSED5:0(4 abstained, 9 didn't vote)
9membershipAllow Balance Council admins to temporarily remove voting rights from members deemed inactive and unparticipating, but requiring restoration of their rights once said member wishes to be active and participate againDr. JaskaFAILED1:6(3 abstained, 8 didn't vote)
8balancemachinegun: disable reloading by defaultbones_was_herePASSED7:2(2 abstained, 7 didn't vote)
7balanceChange g_shootfromeye's default value from 0 to 1.SilentPASSED9:0(1 abstained, 8 didn't vote)
6membershipInvite Arch to join the balance councilSilentPASSED8:0(1 abstained, 8 didn't vote)
5balanceMake g_norecoil 1 default. This cvar has been modified/enabled across every popular and competitive server that I can think of, surprised that it isn't the default already.SilentPASSED9:0(0 abstained, 9 didn't vote)
4balanceChange g_powerups_drop_ondeath default value from 0 to 1 which will make powerups drop on carrier's death and continue their timer.Dr. JaskaPASSED9:1(0 abstained, 8 didn't vote)
3balanceIncrease crylink's edgedamage to 10 effectively removing damage falloff and remove the 50% damage penalty from one pellet from spikes (hitting the ground near target) JaskaPASSED6:1(2 abstained, 9 didn't vote)
2membershipInvite Silent to join the balance councilDr. JaskaPASSED5:0(1 abstained, 10 didn't vote)
1membershipInvite SPLAT to join the balance councilbones_was_herePASSED9:0(0 abstained, 7 didn't vote)