The main official chat rooms are linked below. There are many others, some with specific topics.

Please consider these tips when asking a question. This one is especially important.
Most people only check messages every few hours, and only respond to questions they can help with.
Most questions will be answered if you are patient, polite, clear, and don’t break rules.


Space (group of rooms):
Main room direct link:

You remain in the chat room while your device is powered off and you can read the messages later.
Messages are synced between multiple clients.

Account registration is required.

There are many clients including Element web chat.

Anyone can host a federated Matrix homeserver.
Lists of public homeservers are maintained at and

Internet Relay Chat

Main channel: #xonotic

To receive messages you must keep your client open and your device powered on.

Account registration is optional.

Web chat is available but installing a client is strongly recommended.

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