Xonotic Balance Council

The Xonotic Balance Council makes decisions related to gameplay balance by voting. Its main goals are to:

  1. Represent the interests of the community and broaden the range of contributing experiences, by including people who aren’t developers but are considered qualified or are trusted to represent a segment of the community.
  2. Implement an official process by which balance decisions can be unequivocally made.

Voting is done in a xonotic.org Matrix room using PyTIBot which also publishes the results. Changes to Council membership are decided by the votes of existing members. Any member may call a membership or gameplay change vote. Gameplay votes run for 30 days, membership votes run for 10 days, and voting will conclude early if a supermajority occurs. Xonotic Team members are always considered Council members, and the Team may override Council votes.

Gameplay balance votes must include or link to necessary technical details, and their outcome may not be modified after voting commences. Proposed changes should be as limited in scope as reasonably possible, to simplify discussion and facilitate consensus.

If proposed change(s) require code changes, an implementation must be available in the xonotic-data.pk3dir repository. The change(s) must be available for testing on a public server. These requirements must be met before voting may commence.

Council members are expected to vote in the best interests of the community, and to test proposals with an open mind before voting on them. For server admins this means applying the change(s) to a server and voting with consideration to feedback from regular players.