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Xonotic 0.8.5 Release

Xonotic 0.8.5 is here at last! There’s been thousands of commits since 0.8.2 making this quite a long read for all the right reasons: refined gameplay, new and updated maps and models, new sound effects, more dangerous bots, new HUD and menu features, more translations, better infrastructure, too many fixes to count, and much more.
XonStat and NetRadiant made great progress too.


Happy Anniversary Xonotic!

Greetings everybody! This year marks the tenth anniversary since the first commit was pushed to Xonotic’s repositories, ten long years and still going strong! It’s truly incredible to see just how far the game has come during that time, many battles fought and friends made along the way. Before we get too sentimental about the old days though, let’s take a look at what’s been going on and what there is moving forward, shall we?


2019 By The Numbers

Sitting at home on this cold and wintry day, I thought it’d be good to dig out the old “by the numbers” code to see what 2019 looked like for Xonotic in XonStatDB. Let’s have a look! Also, let’s do a bit more data exploration just for the heck of it, shall we? First up is the number of games per month throughout the year: Given the huge popularity of WTWRP’s votable server, I chose to include the clan arena game type in the chart this time around.


Two New Frag Videos

Hi everyone! While I was idle at my computer on this blog during the holidays (and far beforehand as well), my good friends Smilecythe and Dodger were busy crafting two amazing frag videos for our viewing pleasure. Grab your popcorn and have a look! Xelestial by Smilecythe: Decimation by Dodger: …now that you’ve watched them, let me just say: what a treat, right? Thank you Smilecythe and Dodger for the incredible gameplay footage.

XDF Academy

Yesterday Dekry and Donald streamed a knowledge-sharing session about XDF, which employs a completely different physics configuration from the default or “vanilla” in Xonotic. There’s a treasure-trove of topics covered. From the video’s description: Strafing (Gaining speed) Starting the run (Circle jumps/prejumps) Strafe turning (technique for making turns at high speeds) Overaiming (technique for dropping speed on super tight turns) Wall strafing (use walls to accelerate) Slick surfaces (map specific feature, allowing us to slide like on the ice) Dealing with obstacles and map elements (ramps/jump pads/teles) Check it out!


packer's Xonotic Duel Cup VODs available

Long time player and contributor packer has uploaded a ton of videos on demand from the last Xonotic Duel Cup. If you want hours and hours of exciting gaming content, look no further! He went far beyond simple demo-rendering for this one. You get both player perspectives in one along with their country of origin, the map being played, and the current set points for each player. It’s really a great piece of work.


XonStat Records its Millionth Game

XonStat has recorded its millionth game! Our game count totals have been steadily rising over the past two years as they inched closer and closer towards that magical seven-digit number. Now it has come and gone with the conclusion of an unbalanced 1v1 CTF match. Little did Kult and Sandoz know that they were taking part in history! It’s a shame that I couldn’t shower them with in-game confetti or something…


2017 By The Numbers

We said goodbye to the year 2017 quite a while ago, so now it is time once again to see what that year’s worth of data had to tell us. As I did last year, I unleashed Pandas and Matplotlib on 2017 data from the database that powers XonStat: XonStatDB. Let’s see what it has to tell us! Let’s first look at the number of games throughout the year: The number of games for the first part of the year - through July - is lower than the year before, in most cases only by a little.


phrantic walkthrough

I had some free time last night, so I dusted off the old microphone and did a map review and walkthrough of phrantic! Made by cortez, the map is a reimagination of the classic Quake 3 CPMA map with several twists specific to Xonotic. It’s visually beautiful and geared towards deathmatch. Check it out! Great job, cortez! Join the discussion of the map on the forums.


XonPickup’s database examined

Did you ever wonder which would be the best time to join #xonotic.pickup for a match? We’ll answer this question and more in the following article about the activity of the pickup community. The first diagram shows 2,519 pickup games played by 324 unique players, which have been tracked by the XonPickup bot since 24th July 2012. 2012 and 2017 look quite low because we don’t have the data for the whole year.


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