Team Xonotic

This international group of leaders collaboratively oversees development, makes project management and community decisions by voting, and provides infrastructure. You can find most of them on Matrix.

Core Team

Extended Team

List of Coordinators

Coordinators are here to guide contributors, provide information both in and outside their area of expertise and act as liasons to the core team to ensure the most important information doesn’t go overlooked. Coordinators will be the people to ask questions to regarding their subjects. If you’re feeling lost, contact these people, their names are linked to their forum accounts.



Level Design

Engine Code

Game Code

Marketing / PR


Note: Many of the core members are serving double roles as coordinators. This is not a considered a conflict of interests in decision making because these members are largely filling the role until someone else who fits the description can fill it.

These coordination positions are time-consuming roles that require dedication, knowledge of the area and sharpened communication skills. If you believe you can be of assistance in this area, you may contact the team at on Matrix. Don’t forget, you can still contribute in other ways without the responsibilities of a coordinator.

Other Contributors and Supporters

See the Credits in the game for the most up-to-date list of contributors.

Please view our FAQ page for more information.