Join Community Games

Xonotic uses an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel to coordinate games between players and teams. To join or request a game, register yourself with the pickup bot that sits in the channel using the commands below.

Common Commands

  • !pickups - Lists all available gametypes for pickup, e.g. tdm, 3v3ca, 5v5ctf and so on.
  • !who - Show players who have added up for pickup games.
  • !add [game(s)] - Add up for a pickup game, i.e. announce that you're wanting to play a pickup game soon. You have to specify a game to add up to, e.g. tdm, 3v3ca, 5v5ctf, duel and so on.
  • !remove [game(s)] - Remove yourself from a pickup game. If no arguments are provided, this command removes you from all games you have added up to.
  • !renew - Renew your pickup games. You're required to renew your add-up within some time interval (currently one hour), to keep people from essentially leaving the channel (afk'ing) and not being available once a pickup game starts.
  • !promote [game(s)] - Show a public message promoting the given pickup game. This feature is supposed to gather enough players to start a pickup game, e.g. if just one or two players are missing.
  • !register - Register your IRC nick with the given XonStat account. The id is the number you see in the URL of your XonStat profile. A public message will be displayed if you successfully register.
  • !info - Show XonStat info about some registered player. This command uses an IRC nick to look up the XonStat info.
  • !listplayers - List all users that have registered so far.
  • !whois - Show all IRC users that have registered to the given XonStat account (remember that more than one user can register to the same account).

You can read more information about the pickup bot interface here.