Help Make Xonotic Better, Take Our Survey

It’s been one month tomorrow since the release of Xonotic 0.1preview. This should be enough time for us to gain some valuable feedback about this early release. Whether you’re a developer, a player or just someone interested in Xonotic. Please take the time to fill out this survey to help us learn more about our community and the wants/needs, likes/dislikes of our user-base.

Spread the word, the more results we get, the more we can fine tune the next few releases to meet expectations of a wider audience. Also, if you’re not yet following our facebook page, then do so for super special, top secret alerts and news, not even follows of the Xonotic’s twitter get.

By the way, your results will be more valuable to us if you have played Xonotic. If you haven’t played it yet, we urge you to download Xonotic first.

Xonotic is a fast paced first person shooter where crisp movement, nuanced weapons, and in-your-face action combine to create addictive arena-style gameplay.
Xonotic is free to play and modify under the copyleft GPLv3+ license. Download it today!

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