2019 By The Numbers

Sitting at home on this cold and wintry day, I thought it’d be good to dig out the old “by the numbers” code to see what 2019 looked like for Xonotic in XonStatDB. Let’s have a look! Also, let’s do a bit more data exploration just for the heck of it, shall we?

First up is the number of games per month throughout the year:

Given the huge popularity of WTWRP’s votable server, I chose to include the clan arena game type in the chart this time around. The result is a major bump in the number of games per month versus when we last did this for 2017. Nice! Overall CTF and DM still hold the top spots, which is unsurprising.

Next up let’s see when people are hitting the servers to get their frag on. This chart tracks the most popular hours in which games are recorded:

There’s just something about 8PM UTC that always takes the cake! For the previous two years that has been the witching hour for fragging. I suppose we just don’t want to spoil a good thing.

How about the number of distinct players per month? Let’s have a looksie:

As compared to 2017 we’re trending quite a bit upwards. Hooray! Keep playing, folks, and keep telling your friends to join you. Another interesting thing is that the both years of data share the same basic “shape”, which is to say around summer time there’s an appreciable dip. I wonder if that’s because everyone is going on vacation…

Next up let’s take a look at the damage done by weapons, broken down into monthly increments:

I always look for adequate representation for all weapons in this chart. If we saw disproportionate numbers for any one weapon it would warrant some additional design discussion amongst the community at large (oh no, balance discussions! Eeeek!). Fortunately that’s not what we see here - for the most part we see each weapon staking claim to a reasonable percentage of the damage dealt. Okay, okay… except for the devastator in August. I have no explanation for THAT.

Next up is the frags attained by those weapons:

It’s always a contest between mortar, devastator, shotgun, and vortex for the lead when it comes to closing the deal on frags. What’s interesting is that vortex is clearly NOT the front runner here - in every single month the devastator edges it out for more frags. Maybe some of these forum discussions about balance should turn their attention towards rockets! Nah, that’s just wishful thinking.

So that’s it for the charts. Let’s turn our attention to something more fun and completely irrelevant for once. How about who had the most kills? First, the query:

SELECT p.player_id, p.stripped_nick, sum(pgs.kills)
FROM player_game_stats pgs join players p on pgs.player_id = p.player_id
WHERE pgs.kills is not null
and p.player_id > 2
and pgs.create_dt between '2019-01-01' and '2019-12-31'
GROUP BY p.player_id, p.stripped_nick
ORDER BY sum(kills) desc

…and the results (drum roll please):

 player_id |      stripped_nick       |  sum   
     50029 | C2                       | 144984
     62373 | Speardriver              | 141570
     18179 | EAC · Kult               | 110760
     77131 | umnu                     | 109104
     10042 | SealBeater               | 105606
    130686 | GAYDOW SHADOW            |  90747
    134788 | Anonymous Player #134788 |  85226
    136382 | Phoenix (XHC) ←😈→       |  78629
     25311 | AFKPEK                   |  75894
     76328 | nAnXiety                 |  73883

Holy moly that’s a lot of frags!

How about something a bit sillier? Let’s flip that query around and look for who had the most deaths in 2019:

 player_id |     stripped_nick     |  sum  
    136382 | Phoenix (XHC) ←😈→    | 99180
    130686 | GAYDOW SHADOW         | 98115
    110074 | [BOT]SeeK-y           | 88913
     30937 | draco                 | 85272
     10042 | SealBeater            | 81335
     77131 | umnu                  | 79693
    137126 | ♩♪♫ мµѕιcgoαт[91] ♫♪♩ | 79173
     74883 | Visse.exe             | 78864
     31622 | wındaxg               | 78782
     33241 | Lts9                  | 74700

Whoa! I’m surprised to see some of the same names on here, but that’s probably just by virtue of their time in-game. Either way it’s cool to see.

Now let’s have a look at who had the best K:D for the year, with some entrance criteria to weed out some bad data: those having a minimum amount of 5K frags for the year and a non-zero amount of deaths. First the query:

select p.player_id, p.stripped_nick, round(cast(sum(pgs.kills) as decimal)/sum(pgs.deaths), 2) kd
from player_game_stats pgs join players p on pgs.player_id = p.player_id
where pgs.deaths is not null 
and pgs.kills is not null
and pgs.deaths > 0
and p.player_id > 2
and pgs.create_dt between '2019-01-01' and '2019-12-31'
group by p.player_id, p.stripped_nick having sum(kills) > 5000
order by 3 desc 
limit 10;

…and its results:

 player_id |      stripped_nick       |  kd  
     59519 | Anonymous Player #59519  | 4.61
    101655 | Alex                     | 4.26
      8848 | Gayger^^                 | 3.74
     30489 | Yurashina                | 3.06
     81836 | ☢☢                       | 2.98
    132731 | snor                     | 2.83
    164623 | cliffstah 😈             | 2.74
    160051 | Anonymous Player #160051 | 2.67
     50029 | C2                       | 2.66
    104542 | Rascal                   | 2.64

Very cool indeed. We definitely have some efficient fraggers roaming the servers out there.

That’s all for this year’s data spelunking. I hope you enjoyed! You can find the code behind all of these charts up on Github should you be interested to poke around. In the interim, I’ll be seeing you out on the servers. Happy fragging to you in 2020!

Xonotic is a fast paced first person shooter where crisp movement, nuanced weapons, and in-your-face action combine to create addictive arena-style gameplay.
Xonotic is free to play and modify under the copyleft GPLv3+ license. Download it today!

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