Xonotic Duel Commentary by Antibody

Hello folks!

As you could read previously, there’s an online 1on1 tournament on the fly, organised by the [BOT] clan. The groups are already played out, and the combatants have moved on to the brackets stage (you can read about this a lot more in detail soon in WoX-BloX issue # 2! ;) ). Though the matches don’t have set dates, there are always a lot spectators watching over the duels with great attention. As Antibody once promised, he has done an audio commentary of a duel between two experienced Xonotic players: kojn and fisume.

Have fun watching!

If you’d like to spectate a match, be sure to join the Xonotic pickup channel on IRC (#xonotic.pickup @ irc.quakenet.org) so you don’t miss the start. Additionally, you can discuss this video on the official Xonotic forums.

Xonotic is a fast paced first person shooter where crisp movement, nuanced weapons, and in-your-face action combine to create addictive arena-style gameplay.
Xonotic is free to play and modify under the copyleft GPLv3+ license. Download it today!

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